Why We Made inShield Wiper®

We’re Tim and Ramona Probasco, the inventor and founders of inShield Wiper®. We are a family owned company that is committed to providing environmentally kind and innovative products that make cleaning a comfortable, easy and enjoyable experience. We don’t think that cleaning should have to be a “chore.” We want it to be a fun experience. That’s why Tim invented inShield Wiper®.

Our Core Values

At inShield Wiper®, everything we do is guided by these 12 Core Values: Accountability, Agreement, Customer Inspired, Empathy, Environmentally Kind, Eternal Perspective, Generosity, Gratitude, Humility, Integrity, Life/Work Balance, and Prayer.

Read our full Core Values and explore our Stewardship, Vision & Mission Statements.




Get your inShield Wiper® today and start to Enjoy Comfort While You Clean®!