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Tim & Ramona Probasco, Inventor/Founders


I love the InShield Wiper! I’ve had this product for 5 years and it works fantastically! Convenient, efficient, fast, easy— and it cleans!! For years I struggled trying to clean the inside of my car windshield. I nearly sprained my back and neck every time! Now, InShield makes cleaning my windshield a piece of cake! I do it ten times more easily — and in half the time! Whoever invented this ingenious product should get the Nobel Prize for creativity!

Game changer!
I used my inshield cleaner first in the bathroom on my mirrors, wow what a difference! I cleaned each mirror with paper towels first to remove the stuck on gunk, then went over the mirror with the inshield cleaner, and voila! sparkling perfection! Then my husband cleaned my jeep and used the inshield cleaner for the windshield and windows, again, perfection! And so easy to use. I gave my second one to my sister for her home. She is happy too!

Cleans windshield like a dream
I love this product. It gets into every part of the windshield that you usually cant reach. One or two swipes and the windshield is clean. I am a former smoker and the windshield was covered in film and made it hard to see when the sun was shining. One swipe and the film was gone and I could see out the window. It was clear and no spots. A great product.

Dream Come True
Just purchased this. What a dream come true. Gets rid of those streaky smears on your windshield. The sun was so bright the other day. Not having streaky marks on my windshield made such a difference...Definitely picking more up as gifts.

Love it!
I am so happy with the results of this product. It works great on my windshield no streaks at all. I also use it to clean all of my mirrors, flat top oven, stainless steel appliances. cell phone and granite counter tops. I am going to purchase another set. Just put it in the washer and you are good to go for the next time.

great product
works exactly as advertised / keeps the inside of the windshield very clean all the way to the bottom

Put one in the kitchen
Works great for that final wipe down to shine everything up, i.e., stainless steel appliances, especially on the black topped ceramic stove top (like shining a black car), granite counters, glass fronts on microwave and oven doors. Just barely dampen, and wipe down everything at the end of the day for a gleaming kitchen, fabulous !

Such a simple solution to a frustrating "problem." I am short and older so getting that windshield clean was always an issue. This works and I don't have to contort my body into some unnatural position. It also works great on the mirrors in the house. Worth the price. Thanks to the inventor for coming up with the idea...

Gave this to my husband who opened the bag and laughed at me. Well until he went out to the car to clean the windows on his corvette he always complains about. He was so impressed he told his golf buddies and car show friends how terrific this item did on all our cars. They will all be ordering it.

Fantastic Product
Love simple things like this that do a great job! No water, no chemicals, no cleaners, no mess! I actually just bought this to keep my cell phone screen clean and it does a great job. Also works great on computer screen. Haven't even used it on the car yet. Fantastic price for two. Gave the other one to my son and he loves it.

Works as described
I bought this to specifically clean the windshield of my SUV. It works just as they showed in the video and made cleaning the windshield much faster and easier to do!

something so simple that works so well! gave one to my dad too!

I love these so much but I did give one to my daughter so hope she loves it too! Makes it so easy to a struggle I have had cleaning the inside of my suv windshield! Thanks for this product!

I have a 42 inch TV & about 2 years ago I knocked over a bottle of Italian dressing, which splattered all over the TV, leaving a streaky film. I tried everything to get clean, nothing took it off! I got this today, reviews were great, and VIOLA!!! CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN as the day I took it out of the box!!! SUPERB ITEM, will order another:)

Great product
I have short arms and I have never been able to easily clean the inside front window of my SUV. Windex and paper towels never seemed to do the job. This pad really works! I wish it came with a little handle so I could get even further down toward where the dash meets the window.

Finally..the stainless looks good!
Forget the windshield (not great)… but for all of you who have stainless steel appliances that never look good - no matter what you do.. this is for you! This allows you to put the right pressure to really polish with a stainless steel cleaner/polish. The first time in three years my very expense fridge looks great.. worth purchasing just for the appliances...

Amazing and finally something that works!!!!!!!!!
Something so simple and absolutely amazing! I purchased 2 sets and hung onto 1 of the 4. One nurse has cleaned all her windows in the family garage and everything that was glass- her cell fone, tv, stainless frig. I asked her about the car windshield- she'll get to it ,but she's having fun!!! It is amazing to wash the interior of the windshield.

Home Run !!!
Wow! So excited to have an answer to clean the hazey film on the inside of the windshield. This wiper is fabulous, easy and practical. No spray, no paper towels and no tossing a "one-and-done" wipe into a landfill. If you want a truly clean windshield, cleaning the inside is just as important to cleaning the outside. This makes it so easy and pleasant to do. Here's to safe driving!

no joke
a little doubtful at first about the concept until I used it. The microfilm cloth, the pad, the elastic band all work seamlessly and it really cleans the windshield. Use a little windex and boom! A lot of windshields in warm Savannah have the 'plasticized schmutz'...just a quick swipe and it's gone. I now use it on the stainless steel fridge and the macbook Air. The question is...how has Target or Walmart never carried something like this?
A great product. Kudos.

One Product Tons Of Uses!
I like reading reviews before making my decision on a product. I have no clue why a few people weren’t thrilled with it. I absolutely LOVE this thing!! What I would suggest is before using it the first time that you read the directions. I admit, I’m not a fan of having to read those long boring pamphlets in tiny print, but these guys have made it so easy! Literally, their directions are a single sheet of paper with pictures! There are so many uses for this thing from my car to my computers to my cell phone...even my appliances! What a cool, ingenious invention! Love it!!

I love my InShield wiper!! Makes cleaning those hard to reach places on the windshield super easy to get to!! Clean shiny streak free window! Thank you!!

Used it first time on inside windshield. It does get rid of the haze. Didn't think it would work. Glad I bought these since nothing else seemed to work and easy to use.

I keep one in the house and one in my car. As much as I like using it inside on mirrors, electronics, etc., I LOVE using it on my car windows. It is no longer a chore to clean the windshield and my back window. Great product and I highly recommend it!

I have always had trouble cleaning my windshield as I am short and my arms only reach so far. This has made it so that I can reach and also cleans much better than paper towels. It is also great for when the windshield fogs up in the mornings. I was going to give these as stocking stuffers but they are sold out. So sad.

I haven't been able to get my windshield clean for a long time. It is clean now and so easy.

Excellent Product!
I've always had a difficult time cleaning the inside windshield in my car. This product does it easily and quickly AND without water! I was amazed how clean and streak-free my car windows are! Thanks so much for the help.

This products really works and is awesome!
I purchased a set of these and will come back for more later! They really work and the inside of my windshield never looked so good! Try these you will love them! Great product!

My favorite cleaning tool!
This makes cleaning all of my stainless steel appliances and screens so easy. I am no longer frustrated with streaks and love how quick and easy the InShield wiper makes cleaning. Definitely my go to cleaning tool especially with my kids always leaving their mark!

Totally worth it!
I have found Inshield Wiper to be highly effective and versatile for both my household and auto. This well-made, quality product can be broadly used on everything from stainless steel, screen tv, computer and cell phone to both car interior and exterior surfaces. I would highly recommend Inshield Wiper as a cleaning staple. Stock up - it’s totally worth it (the perfect stocking stuffer, too)!

One for every car!
I love this and have one for every car! It also made great gifts for my two sons and daughter. Don't be caught without it!!

Simple but ingenious product
This wiper has made my mornings so much easier when hopping in my car. I live in Florida, so there’s quite a bit of humidity and fogging that occurs inside my windshield due to car A/C & outdoor temperature differences. Highly recommend this product, whether for yourself or as a gift idea.

Why are we even talking about this?
It's so good, everyone should have one. So, why are you stuck in the reviews? I have one for my car, one for my spouse's car, and one for my brother's car and his spouse. Every time one of us uses InShield Wiper, we give a sigh of relieve that we can see and then ask why more people don't know about this amazing product. Simple but critical.

Exactly what I needed!
InShield Wiper does exactly what it advertises. It is so good I can’t seem to keep one in my car because I keep giving mine to friends.

I find this is one of those “always be prepared” items that is a must for my truck. You never think you need it till you absolutely need it. It quickly and efficiently removes all the “fog” that builds up inside my windshield over time. Every car should have one. Not just for convenience, but also for safety. Five stars from me.

Love it!!!
I love this product so much! I keep one in my car and one in the house for the fridge & screens. It is perfect for getting rid of the inside windshield haze that gets so annoying in the winter. This tool is small enough to not take up a ton of room in my compartment and handy enough to grab when needed. My husband just asked me to buy him a set for his vehicle too! Highly recommend!

Love the multi-purpose use!
Bought these to clean my windshield, but love to use them on my stainless steel appliances too! Our shows every fingerprint, and I love that I can do a quick wipe down with these. I keep one in my car, and one under my sink. Haven't tried on my laptop screen yet, but that's next!

Great Product!!!!
I bought this for my Mom. Her car gets a lot of moisture. I saw this product and thought I would have her try it. She was amazed how easy and well it works. I would highly recommend this product!!!

InShield Wiper
I wish I had found this product years ago! It Quickly cleans the inside of the car windshield where I couldn't reach before. I will always keep this in my car so my clients won't see smudges on the window!

Great Idea, I am buying a set for everyone!
This product is great, cleans the inside of the windows so easily! I hate when the window is dirty and have tried many products but the way this is designed is perfect and makes the window crystal clear. I plan on getting more as gifts for members of my family for the holidays!

InShield Wiper
This is one of the most ingenious, effective, helpful and enjoyable products... The Inshield Wiper cleans the inside of my car windshield better than anything I’ve used. What a creative and helpful idea— and product! I highly recommend it!

I don't know how anyone can not like these InShield wipers. The price is great, slim design so they are easy to store away, can throw in the wash so they last & last! What an innovative idea! I can finally clean the inside of my car dash window as well as so many other surfaces! I have given one to my son so I'm orderinging another one (one for car and one for house)!
Please make a tiny size to clean glasses 🙂

Love, themI
love them, I don't have a car, so no windshield, lol But, I use them on my IPad, my tv, screen, and my monitor on my computer, and I'm very pleased with the product...Just what I needed. Thank you,

So versatile!
I originally got this for my car windshield as it always seems to need the moisture removed in the morning. It worked great! I liked how it fit on my hand so i started using it for everything else like cleaning my tablet scree, laptop screen, and even my bathroom mirror for after i get out of a steam shower! Love the fact that it is machine washable and reusable. Highly recommend to everyone out there.

So handy!
I recently bought an In-shield wiper. My husband & I love it! I have one in my kitchen that I use on our appliances. I also keep one in the car. I love that I only have to use a small amount of cleaner & it leaves the appliances & car windows streak free!

Finally Windshield Haze is Gone!
When I saw this on air I immediately got on-line to order. So happy I did. I try to stay away from chemicals and this works wonders on stainless steel. I use a vinegar/water solution (1/2 each) for cleaning and sprayed a little on the pad and my refrigerator is finger print free! Same with the inside of the car windshield. In the past I used tissues or napkins and this gets all that haze in a couple swipes. Makes cleaning so much easier! Love it!!!

Amazing Product!
I have had this item for only 3 days and I have used it on a dozen things: my car windshield, TV, tablet, phone, mirrors, computer, window, etc. I highly recommend this useful wiper to everyone, you will definitely be happy with this miracle worker!

These little things work great!!
Keep one in the console of my car for anytime there’s a haze. Love them!!

Handy Cleaner - Wish I had thought of it!
I bought this to clean the haze off the inside of my windshield. It was really dirty so it needed a few sprays of Invisible Glass Cleaner, then I used it and all I can say is WOW! I've used it to clean my flat screen TV, my cell, my computer screen, make up mirror, etc. The sky's the limit! I really wish I had thought of this! AWESOME product!

Super useful - very happy with it!
I'm using my InShield Wiper even more than I anticipated. Especially, for my electronics. I work from home on my computer all day and read a ton on my ipad. The screens have never been clearer. I'm super satisfied with my purchase. I could see these making great stocking stuffers this Christmas.

A great gift
We received these as a gift and keep one in the car and one at home. The film that accumulates on the inside of the windshield of the car would drive me crazy. Even when I remembered a towel, wiping the windshield was awkward and left the windshield only partially cleaned. This product solved that by allowing the user to easily wipe the windshield with the back of your hand (REALLY tough with a towel!) and to get the entire windshield clear, even in the corners. We also use this for cleaning the screens on our computers, iPad, and phones. It really works well!

Simple, yet life changing!
I can overstate how much I hate that film on the inside of my windshield. When I notice it I am out driving and inevitably forget to clean it when I arrive home. I now keep one of these in each of my family cars. Now when I notice the film, I wipe it away immediately. It's so satisfying!!

Great product
I have a terrible time cleaning the film off the inside windshield and this product was the answer. Thank you…

Best Purchase Ever

What a great product! It cleaned my big screen television like new! Also great for Stainless Steel Appliances, cell phone screens, computer screens. It's uses are endless. Where has this product been all these years? A great gift idea for the Holidays! Great stocking stuffer. Every household should have one in every car, in the kitchen for appliances and living room end tables for special screen cleaning.
So happy with mine!

Good so far.
I’ve only used it on my device screens and I like it. Hoping for the same results on my windshield. I found I have to press quite hard to get rid of the fingerprints, but that’s not a problem,

I gave the second one to my sister. She also likes it.