An Extraordinary Cleaning Device.
No Haze! No Streaks! No Fuss!


Nearly Half a Million Sold!

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inShield Wiper® Cleans Dirty Surfaces Without Your Hand Making Contact With Them

Being able to safely clean compromised surfaces is more important now than ever.  inShield Wiper® makes it easy to reach and clean dirty surfaces without your hand making any direct contact with the surface being cleaned. Not only that, but inShield Wiper® is an environmentally friendly product. Its microfiber pad is washable and reusable over and over again, eliminating the use of disposable paper towels.

inShield Wiper®

The Sun Glare Solution

Remove the Dangerous Haze from Your Interior Windshield!

We’ve all experienced the blinding glare as we drive into the sun at dawn or dusk causing us to panic as we can’t see through the filmy haze on our interior windshield. The same thing happens at night when oncoming headlights reflect off that greasy film on your interior windshield, also causing momentary blindness.

inShield Wiper®… the easiest and most effective way to keep your interior windshield clean and haze free!

inShield Wiper®


A simple yet innovative cleaning device designed to effortlessly remove interior windshield haze, streaks, smears and smudges.
With our reusable, washable microfiber pad and patented
base, also safely remove fingerprints from your
touchscreens in a jiffy!

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  • Removable and washable high quality microfiber pad
  • Firm base keeps entire microfiber pad in contact with surface providing streak free cleaning
  • Patented, cushioned base absorbs pressure from knuckles or hand to prevent uneven cleaning.
  • Elastic straps hold inShield Wiper® securely in place on your hand allowing you to comfortably and thoroughly clean glass & stainless steel surfaces.

Nearly Half a Million Sold!

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Easily remove that dangerous haze from your interior windshield

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Quickly erase fingerprints from your stainless steel appliances

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Safely wipe away fingerprints on your smartphones and tablet screens

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 3.47.01 PM

Effortlessly clean smudges off your TVs and computer monitors

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Wipe away puppy kisses and paw prints left by your furry friends

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Afterwards keeping your inShiled Wiper ® clean is simple, easy and eco friendly.

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Our Story

Frustrated that there wasn’t an easy way to clean the inside of his car windshield, inventor of inShield Wiper®, Tim Probasco, set out to create a solution. Today, inShield Wiper® offers a more effective and comfortable way to solve many of your most common cleaning frustrations. Learn More

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At inShield Wiper® we're committed to helping others and this brings us great joy! For every inShield Wiper® you purchase, a portion of proceeds is donated to organizations that help victims of domestic violence. See why we’re so passionate about this work.

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