inshield wiper windshield and home cleaning tool and cleaning spray

Combo Cleaning Kit

The ultimate duo, inShield Wiper Wedge + Washer, are multi-functional (all purpose, multi-functional, versatile)  and can be used on all types of surfaces! Made using clean ingredients, we’ve created a solution that’s as versatile as it is powerful. 

  • inside of car windshield cleaning tool straps on hand

    inShield Wiper The Sun Glare Solution™

    The easiest and most effective way to keep your interior windshield clean and haze free! Ergonomically designed to clean corners, get in hard-to-reach spaces and evenly distribute pressure across entire surfaces so you’re left with nothing but a streak free shine.

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  • microfiber cleaner for glass and mirros

    Take Clean Into Your Own Hands

    Our wiper wedge and washer solution are multi-functional and can be used on all types of surfaces! Safely clean glass, stainless steel, electronic screens and the interior of your car windshields. Our micro-fiber pad is soft enough for sensitive screens while tough enough to kick fingerprints and smudges to the curb.

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windshield cleaning device for car windshield

Meet inShield Wiper

A simple yet innovative cleaning device designed to effortlessly remove interior windshield haze, streaks, smears and smudges.With our reusable, washable microfiber pad and patentedbase, also safely remove fingerprints from your touchscreens in a jiffy!

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