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inShield Washer® Multi-Surface Cleaner

inShield Washer® Multi-Surface Cleaner

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Introducing the brand new inShield Washer®... a cleaning solution formulated to clean interior windshields, electronic touchscreens, glass, mirrors AND stainless steel appliances! It is made with only EPA safer ingredients and has a pleasant citrus scent.

We've kept the ick you can clean the ick off!™

When you use environmentally kind inShield Washer® paired with ergonomically designed inShield Wiper® you can clean those dirty surfaces without your hand ever having to come into contact with the surface being cleaned.  Especially in today's environment, this is a huge deal!

Plus, you can clean everything from touchscreens to stainless steel without worrying about damaging any surfaces since inShield Washer® is safe to use on both electronic screens AND stainless steel!

Order your inShield Washer® Multi-Surface Cleaner today!

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